Cannot Assign New Leader to a New Den

Ok… This is a little maddening…

I have a new Leader who is in the system and flagged as a ‘Tiger Den Leader’.
I have a new Tiger Den with a bunch of Scouts assigned, but no Leader.

I am trying to assign the Leader to this Den and give the ‘Den Leader’ role. The system will let search for and find the Leader in question, but it will not let me Select the new Tiger Den. The Den shows as an option, but it is Greyed out.

What am I doing wrong?


You need to use the Tiger Den Leader position, not Den Leader

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Thank you. It’s always the little things. I didn’t realize there was a Tiger specific Leader Role at the Den level.

I have a bunch of Leaders who are not shown in the system at the Pack Roster. What’s the secret sauce to add them? I tried adding manual but it looks like I have to search for them from the BSA directory first?

@adambillmeier first step would be to look at roster as a Key 3 and see if they are registered - that is the official roster

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