Can't add leader to den

Until we can find a volunteer among the parents, our Lion den leader - also our Cubmaster - is going to be the Tiger den leader as well; however, I can’t add him as the Tiger leader. It says the position is already filled, but there’s no one assigned. There was someone, but she’s not continuing with us this year and I marked the end date as yesterday. Even today I can’t add the Cubmaster, though. Same error: Position #1 already exists.

Can someone help figure out how I can add our Cubmaster as the den leader?

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Are you following these steps in Scoutbook?

  1. Go to the Pack Roster page.
  2. Click on your Cubmaster’s name.
  3. Click “+ Add Position / Role”
  4. For position: “Tiger Den Leader (TL)”
  5. Add a date started
  6. Click “Update” to save

Hello -

I having difficulties with a number of issues on Scoutbook. I cannot add leaders, I added someone to the wrong troop and need to change them, and more. Is there someone that I can please talk with? This would be much easier than trying to address these via a forum.

Thank you!

I thought the Cubmaster and Den Leaders needed to be separate people and that what is supposed to be programmed in the tool software.

My understanding is that “multiple” registration in the same unit is limited to the chartered organization representative under certain conditions.

I suspect an exception requires council scout executive approval. However there still remains the fact that myScouting tools, including Scoutbook, may be programed for the “standard” type of pack.

Standard pack adult requirements (2019)

Unit Requirements
Minimum leadership positions—CR, CC, CM, 2 MCs*, an LL, TL, DL, or WL**, and an LP or AP for each Lion or Tiger

Can have—CA, DA, WA, NM, PT, REU, 91U, 92U

Exceptions to Standard Requirements

  • A unit must have two committee members who may be an MC, PT, or NM.
  • A pack must have at least one den leader who may be a Lion den leader (LL), a Tiger den leader (TL), a Wolf or Bear den leader (DL), or a Webelos den leader (WL)

©2019, Boy Scouts of America



@HeathStewart are you searching for the cubmaster? just go to roster > Cubmaster > click name > add position from there.

@SalamahMagnuson we are skilled with the forums - post the issues (BSA# no names) and we can usually work it out

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