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Audit log has no dates

Just found the Audit log and would like to use it. However, the date field is empty

Are the dates only empty for MBC actions (i.e. MBC approval of requirements/badges)? I noticed that, but for the rank requirements, I get a date in the report.

I’m not getting any dates for any advancement. Other category entries do have dates

Hrm… that’s interesting that we’re seeing different things.

What’s your role in the unit? I’m an ASM, a unit admin, and a key 3 delegate.

Which browser are you using? I’m using chrome on Android.

@TamaraMontgomery - the only time I do not see a date/time stamp on an entry is if it was done by someone outside of the unit. This appears to happen in my list with MBC entries.

Very old items will not have dates because they were not recorded in Scoutbook. If you post the BSA Member ID (no names) and the item(s) that is missing audit dates we can investigate.

To answer the questions above:
-I am a unit admin in IA, unit admin and advancement chair in SB
-I am using Firefox
-the empty date field for advancement applies to all records, there are 21k of them
-we have been using Scoutbook for several years (7 at least)
-Until last year, if a counselor outside the unit approved MB requirements, a unit leader would enter them. Over the past year we have had a few MBCs who aren’t on the unit roster marking approvals in SB.
-We have not been marking MB requirements properly (typically using the “leader approved “ field rather than going through the extra steps of assigning a MBC for the badge, and recording as “counselor approved “. Growing troop where most of the MBCs have been leaders. We are trying to improve the process and train everyone. The audit log looks like it would be valuable in that effort.

In Scoutbook, try going to your main troop page, and then:

Export / Backup → Advancement

and open up the Advancement csv file in a spreadsheet program like Excel.

Are the dates in the export file? Or are they missing there, too?

This has been a reasonable process in the past, when scouts/MBCs were using blue cards more extensively. The recent mods to the system eliminate the Leader Approved boxes for individual requirements, and only require Leader Approval of the finished badge, more akin to the traditional blue card process.

In my case, @JenniferOlinger, the Counselor Approved dates are also missing. For reference, I am only looking back as early as 1/1/2021, so it seems unlikely that the “very old items” issue @edavignon noted is impacting the Counselor Approved items.

What I am seeing in particular is that when the merit badge requirement (or the overall merit badge) was marked Completed by the counselor, then the date marked completed is missing from the CSV file, as is the associated comma-delimiter. This results in a horizontal offset (i.e. missing column) in the data set where the Date Completed belongs for that item. I’ve included a screenshot to demonstrate the condition. I don’t see a similar issue for other items (e.g. rank advancement, awards) in the CSV file or the report.

OK, in the exported backup file dates are there. Interestingly, on the Audit Report only Counselor Approved Merit Badges and Counselor Approved MB Requirements are the only records. No dates are showing in the Audit report, AND it seems to be limited to a subset of Advancement records.
Another weird thing, in the backup file, the column “Marked Completed Date” has a name, and “Marked Completed By” has a date. So the data parsing is confused somewhere.
Here is one Member ID affected 128803575

Any further thoughts on why only Meritbadge counselor records, no dates are showing I the Audit log? Also when I creat a backup of advancement records, the date and name fields are switched. Is this a problem with the parsing of the data file, or is the source data file corrupted somehow?

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