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I have about 6 scouts where the date joined BSA is blank. I have dates from our local council, but I am not seeing where to enter this information. Based on the previous post; suggested updating it on the edit profile screen. I do not see this date anywhere to be added/updated. I think it was when it was in scoutbook and not on new profile page.

@DonaldClark_Jr - go to scout > edit profile > under the circle where the photo would be below the scout name

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So, I clicked on the [Date] field and I get a blank frame. No place to enter BSA Join Date.



@DonaldClark_Jr - I recall there was a trick to that. Try going to the upper right to select the unit/role, change from parent to leader role and then go the roster in IA and try again. If I can find the full trick that @DonovanMcNeil had come across I will link it.

I think this is one of those things that has restricted access in IA2. What are your registered/functional roles for the unit, @DonaldClark_Jr? For example, I’m registered as an Assistant Scoutmaster, but I also have functional roles in Scoutbook (Troop Admin) and my.scouting (Key 3 Delegate). I suspect that it is the latter functional role (Key 3 Delegate) that’s getting me access to edit that field.

ETA: Based on the post @Stephen_Hornak linked, though, maybe it’s supposed to work for Unit Admins as well? I’m not going to remove my K3D role just to check, though. :^)

I am the committee chair

So, I clicked on Roster, then selected the same scout and the date field is appearing. So, it must be a bug in the way the date field is being retrieved or shown when clicking different events.

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Hrm. Back to what @Stephen_Hornak suggested checking: is the toggle in the upper right corner under the fleur de lis logo set to your parent role or your CC role? I can’t figure out how the software decides what to default to, as mine seems to apparently randomly default to parent/K3D/ASM. Or, at least, I haven’t derived from observation what the rule it’s following would be.

I came across this same bug. I confirmed that I was under committee chair.

I was able to get it working by clicking on the roster (far left frame). Then selecting the scouts name from the roster. Then clicking the Date. Then I was able to see and modify the date. Once I save my change; it would revert back to the cache page. So, I refreshed the page to confirm the date was fixed and showing correctly.

If you go directly from the scout book to edit the profile of the scout it does not work

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I marked it as a solution since it does allow one to set the date. It is still a bug. :slight_smile:

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