Auto add/delete participants to calendar

The Latest post on gave indication that the new calendar was able to automatically be able to add/delete people to events when they Join or depart a unit.

I am not seeing this behavior operate this way.


Will this feature be happening soon? I spent about an hour the other day going thru events that needed to have new members added/old members removed.


That has not yet been implemented. The BSA does not release schedules when features will become available.

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There was a change log entry that indicated events would be visible to all in the unit regardless of invited or not.


Being invited to an event is different than the event being visible on the calendar.

Members invited to an event will receive reminder e-mails and can RSVP.

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Yes, i care that new members start to get rsvp ivitation emails and scouts that drop no longer receive these measages.


You can use the Scoutbook Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox to quickly add new members to multiple events until the feature to add them automatically is finished.

The link to add new invitees to events is on the My Dashboard page. Click on Events to see “Add New Invitees to Events”

Search the Chrome or Firefox extension stores for Scoutbook.

The point of my post is that National ( has publicised that this feature is there, but as far as i can tell it doesnt work yet.


Different silos at National. They don’t always talk to each other. The feature to automatically update the invite list has not been released.

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@JasonKracht When is the last time a new member was added to your roster? When is the last time one was dropped from the official roster?

1 Added and 3 ended about a month ago. I just had an add a couple of weeks ago & need to add them to events. I have 2 that will be ending in the next couple of weeks.

Could you provide the bsa member numbers (no names needed)?

My 2 most recent adds (I think i have added thwm to all events)

I dont have my most recent drop IDs.

I will have 2 to end-date after the School year ends.

We’ll see what’s going on. We have a bunch of questions in to the developers about this.

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@JasonKracht The developers report that they see the automated process added those scouts to many events in the database. Do you have an event ID that you had to add them manually to?

I dont have which events that i added them to since i think it was most of the events for our unit. Do we know how long between when a scout is added to a roster & when the script runs? Perhaps the sceipt ran after i manually added them.

From what I’m seeing they were added to events on 5/3/24.