ScoutBook Calendar - Auto-Update Invitees

Our unit will often add events to the calendar two or three months in advance of the activities. When a new family joins, their Scout and Parent entries are not included in the invitee list because they were not active when the event was created.

It’d be nice to have an option at the event level to auto-add applicable Scouts, Leaders, and Parents. For example if there’s a Pack event (meeting, hike, etc.) that is marked as auto-add invitees, all members of the pack will receive reminders and be able to RSVP (when applicable.) Likewise for a Den calendar item marked as auto-add, all Scouts and Families associated with the Den will receive reminder emails and be able to RSVP (when applicable).

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This request is already on the backlog. We do not know if or when it will be scheduled for implementation.

We recommend using the Scoutbook Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox to quickly add new members to multiple calendar events.


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