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Automated Scoutbook calendar

How do I get control over what is put in the calendar for my den? I tried to schedule a campout and Scoutbook automated a whole year’s worth of den meetings with what adventure we’re supposed to work on for each one. None of what Scoutbook scheduled lines up with what I have planned for the year, but it won’t let me delete any of it. I would prefer to schedule each den meeting on my own.

It sounds like you logged in using the Den Leader Experience, rather than the regular Scoutbook login.

There’s no way to remove these events. Instead, I understand that the recommendation is to log in to “regular” Scoutbook, move all of the events to the past, then toggle the “Hide Den Leader Experience” setting on your calendar. At that point, you can enter events you specifically want to enter.

Ok, I was able to get them off the current list of upcoming events on the calendar. I think for now I will steer clear of the den leader calendar.
Thank you for your help!

No worries, @SaraHamilton. Glad I could help.

The DLE was implemented after I had bridged over to the troop with my then Webelos, so I never really experienced it in all of its glory. However, from what I’ve seen from looking over others’ shoulders, it seems to be very…formulaic in how the interface presents things to DLs.

Nicely said…I find it frustrating as sin, although access to the tools and resources is great. Avoid DLE for programming at all costs, in my humble opinion.

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