Please please please move or remove the Den Leader Experience login from the main login

This is creating a lot of confusion for our leaders as they think this is where they should always log in. Since it is not the same as Scoutbook and does not offer integration with achievements, etc. we do not want them logging into it instead.

Since this is a beta it should be identified as such and what it is used for. And the login in should not be side by side.


I second the motion.

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Case in point - one of my den leaders created a calendar of events not knowing what he was doing. These are not at all what he has scheduled. How do we delete these events?


I did the same. I have meetings and events I cannot delete or edit.

I emailed support on how to remove or edit them.

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Please report back what they tell you. I’ve seen suggestions to reschedule them to the past to get them “hidden” which is a terrible workaround.

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I also did the same. Best (worst) part is that they’re all on the wrong nights somehow. So, now I have the calendar dates I had already entered plus all these bogus dates that the DLE didn’t even tell you that it was going to create.

The developers are working on a way to hide these events from your families.

Back to my original post - please move it to another page so it does not create confusion and problems.


How does “hiding” them fit within the Scout Law. “Hiding” these events is not the answer. Giving us the ability to edit or delete them is. Why is that such a hard concept to get across to the developers?

You can edit the dates and times from within DLE. I’m not sure why we can’t delete the events. We have requested it, but the developers had some concerns.

+1 for removing this link. I also made the mistake of logging in as Den Leader, having it automatically create a bunch of events (without telling me it was going to), and being unable to delete them. The DLE app is clearly a long way from being production ready. I will try moving the events it created to an earlier date; hopefully that works otherwise DLE has effectively made the calendar useless for my den.