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Scoutbook Den Leader Login and Calendar

I just renewed my Den Leader training and it told me about the great new Den Leader Experience login to use for planning all my events. I went in and it prompted me to set up my calendar, and asked when my Den began meeting. I put in the date following their ranking up to the current level and the frequency we meet. Now it has populated the calendar, duplicating the meetings going back to the date that were already on there, it has assigned what we worked on from that meeting on and I can’t change or delete it. Am I missing some way to delete these things or change what it has decided are my dates to do the required adventures? It event assigned the first meetings for my Arrow of Light Den to get their Bobcat.

The only thing you can do is move meetings into the past. There is no capability to delete events or, as you have found, skip meetings you don’t need such as Bobcat for Arrow of Light. This is why I still recommend units do not use the Den Leader Experience.

If you go to your calendar in scoutbook, there is a button labeled Hide DLE events. Click that.

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Thanks. I moved all the events to Jan 1, 2010, and have hidden DLE events to fix some other leaders’, too. What a nut roll this rollout is. It looked so much better in the new Den Leader training…

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Thank goodness for this post! I couldn’t believe it did that.

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