Automatic reminders

When will the automatic reminders work again?

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A plan moving forward is in the works but we do not know when it will happen or what exactly it will be


This is causing our unit great pain as we have come to rely heavily on Scoutbook for communication of events with out unit. With the automatic reminders not working it taxes our already strained adult leaders with another task that we have to remember to do to ensure communications with out unit. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping features like this functional to continue to support our units. Every hurdle that is generated in scouting is an opportunity to lose scouts and adult leaders.



BSA IT understands the importance of scheduled reminders and they are working on updates to the system to be able to re-enable them, though they number allowed per event may be limited.

Due to the number of scheduled reminders being sent by units, they cannot be turned back on until changes are made to greatly reduce the chance of being put on the blacklist as the steps taken so far have not been sufficient.

Was there an alert send out about this? It took our pack a week or two to realize reminders were not being sent out. And as others have said it is causing us pain and disruptions.

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There was a banner message in Scoutbook, a banner post in the forums and many forum posts. A blast e-mail could not be sent via Scoutbook because at the time Scoutbook was on a blacklist and many users were not receiving Scoutbook e-mail.


Scoutbook communications have become unmanageable for our unit. First emails stopped going to some families. Now reminders have been off for quite some time now. Scoutbook was our system of communicating, and Scoutbook has been turned off for all reminders except manually sending them. I might as well just send an email to a list and skip Scoutbook. If Scoutbook wants to remain relevant for use in scouting, this should have already been fixed. We will need to move off from Scoutbook ASAP to keep information flowing to our members reliably. I have enjoyed using Scoutbook, but cannot explain to anyone why a critical communication system should be retained when it has problems that don’t get repaired quickly.

How come there was no notification to Scoutbook useers that this had been disabled?
Why did I have to come digging here to find out that this was happening?
Why was there not an obvious announcement on Scoutbook that the automatic reminders were disabled?
Why are we allowed to set up automatic reminders, misleading us into thinking that they were going to work, if they had been disabled?

There was. It was a top banner both here and on Scoutbook. It was a dismissable banner, so it’s possible that it was dismissed without seeing the second portion (the first portion being the notice that Scoutbook was blacklisted).

I double checked based on your comment.

I do not now and have not ever seen the second portion or anything that allows me to “dismiss” the first portion.

There have been multiple posts indicating automated reminders have been disabled. In addition, I have created banner messages in the forums indicating automated reminders remain disabled while the BSA works on updates to the e-mail system so that Scoutbook does not continue being placed on the Spamhaus blacklist.

I have seen you and Charley (above) posting that there have been automated reminders. I am reporting that I have never seen a banner reporting this is an issue. Either the banner got removed before I had a chance to see it, or there’s a glitch and the reminder didn’t or doesn’t work for me. I don’t think it’s reasonable for the banner to have been removed if the problem is persisting and the system is still allowing users to set up automatic reminders that will not work.

Also, I’m really not trying to be difficult or hostile, but my husband and I both very busy outside of volunteering and have many tasks within our volunteering commitments. I have never been trained that I needed to regularly check on this forum. I do not think that would be a reasonable expectation or the best use of our time.

It was just added there. Thanks for the feedback

Thank you, for the update. I see it now.

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