Email blacklist status

Are we off the blacklists for now? Can I expect emails sent via Send Message to go through?

Are off the blacklist - is all we can say

Will the reminder e-mails start going out again, or do you know the plan regarding reminders?

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@DonovanMcNeil it does seem like we should get a status update via the normal change long. Here is where we are at and stay tuned. It seems like we got off of it, stopped auto reminders, but didn’t announce it. Unless I don’t recall it.

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Auto-reminders stopping was announced: Calendar Timed Reminders Disabled

This is the message that was pinned, I believe.

But it didn’t say that the other part is working, I guess was my point. I guess it is implied since it says to use the send now.


The BSA asked that we not make an announcement that e-mails are working again until we had seen stability in the system. It has been several weeks since we were removed from the blacklist without being placed back on it.

Scheduled reminders are still disabled and will be for the foreseeable future, until changes to the reminder system to make it less likely to for SB to be placed on the blacklist can be completed.


“For the foreseeable future”? Ugh.

Any hints on just what was wrong that caused us to get on those lists in the first place?

@JSyler we think units putting 3-5 ++++ reminders on every event. Everyone of those emails are exactly the same, which is a huge sign of a Spam producer

Oooooh. Hm. Ugh. That makes sense. We normally do two or three, but I can see even that as a problem when 20 people are getting the exact same email three times.

I still like the idea of Scoutbook having its own messaging system, as was apparently planned at the start…

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