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Scoutbook Meeting Reminders not being sent

Hello. I saw a topic similar to this was just closed. Unfortunately, our Pack seems to be having similar troubles with reminders never going out. For instance, meeting ID 3152823 is occurring tomorrow night at 6:30pm, but the ‘1 day before’ still hasn’t been sent and hasn’t been crossed out on the website.

Thank you for your help.

Like the other topic, this seems to be a recent issue, perhaps just 2021.

As a workaround use the send now option so your unit will at least see it.

SCOUTBOOK NEEDS to get it together we count on this software to send out reminders. It is constantly updating what I have no idea other than to remove stuff we have gone in and put on there already and skipping reminders. Also, when the reminders are not going out like they are supposed to be and that is VERY annoying if I have to spend the time to set it up to send it out in the archaic way that ScoutBook is set up the Least it could do, is automatically send out my reminders or basically it is waste of time. Disappointed in SCOUTBOOK Again!!!

Jacobfetzer…yes but when you set up AUTOMATIC reminders that mean in the calendar it is not on my list of things to do. I shouldn’t have to workaround and remember to send it out, again. That is the whole point of using Scoutbook and spending the time to enter all these events is so it will send out the reminders so that I don’t have ONE MORE THING TO DO in a volunteer organization.

Are you really on the Advisory Council? If not anyone from Scoutbook here? I have a few things. It won’t do AUTOMATICALLY. Like when I click the service activity button and go through and pick out the scouts/adults on this specific opportunity and then go into service hours for the kids …ONLY ONE kid actually got the hours for ALL the events. The events keep disappearing with the updates. half the time even with the hereismypretendlink.com it doesn’t work until I go back in copy and paste the EXACT same link from the event and repaste it into the SAME event. So, if you have any other things you would like to know about Scoutbook please feel free to reach out. Thanks.

I agree that it should be automatic. I suggested a workaround until the root cause can be addressed. I failed to state that side of it. I actually received a scheduled reminder yesterday afternoon, which makes it harder to pin this down.

The SUAC is comprised of volunteers who are real scoutbook users and experience many of the same frustrations as everyone else. We do have direct communication channels with the development team to report bugs. The more concrete reproducible steps we can provide them, the easier it will be for the developers to fix.

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The reminder issue has been fixed.

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