Balance Email Changes?

Hey all. I used to be able to send a mass email with things like #scout#, #account#, and #link#, and the email to the parent would include the scout’s name, the account balance, and a direct link to the scouts’ page. It also had the option of sending emails to only accounts with negative balances. I can’t seem to find where that option is now, and when I sent a test email to myself, the fields didn’t work. Did something change? Is that feature gone now? Is there a way to do a mass send to the individual parents with the account info? Thanks much.

I think that was part of the Feature Assistant Extension. Do you have the extension installed and running on your current machine?

Note that there are a number of features that have been removed for various reasons.

Nevermind, I figured it out. User error. All of this functionality is still there.

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