Calendar & E-Mail Update

My emails started going through again and were working consistently, even earlier today. I sent an email this evening and now they are not going through again like when we were blacklisted.

Is it possible we’ve gotten blacklisted again?

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Looks like it. Thanks for the heads up.

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Yes, we missed emails last week and a critical one today.

Both my son and I are using Microsoft hosted emails addresses. and I have a custom domain on Office365. My wife received the email on her 20 year old Yahoo account and had to forward us the email. My son is SPL so him not getting emails is becoming a real issue.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

I could spin up a server in Azure or service in Office365 for our troop if I knew an easy way to export a parent and scout emails.

That doesn’t solve the Scoutbook issue. Have you all tried send grid?


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Parent emails can be recovered from Roster Builder (if you have adequate permissions). Youth emails are intentionally obfuscated in Scoutbook. The argument provided in the past for this was youth protection. I’m not actually convinced it’s anything more than “security through obscurity”, but it’s not my call how the BSA sets up their services.

You could potentially ask the parents(not the youth!) to provide youth emails, if your chartering org is OK with that (and there aren’t local rules to the contrary). Keep in mind the intent of protecting the contact info in general, though. You probably don’t want to broadcast the youth and parent emails to all and sundry in the unit (e.g. send via bcc with some/all leaders cc’d in the event of reply-all by scouts).

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