Feature Request: prepare balance message emails (add for parent connections?)

in the help document it states that when the balance messages are sent, the scouts that show in parenthesis did not receive the message as they were not invited to join scoutbook by the parent to access their account.

i would like these messages to go to the parent and the scout or even just the parents as the scout is not likely to pass that information along to the parents since it is not a snapchat.

is that feature possible?

thanks for the consideration.

I always understood that the message goes to the parent/guardian connections in any case (assuming their associated email is correct), and that this is just a warning that the scout isn’t personally receiving a copy because they are not connected to their own account (i.e. no email address is assigned to the scout by the parent). So, the current functionality should be:

  • Parent always gets the message (assuming correct email in Scoutbook and not opted-out i.e. marked as No Emails in Send Message interface)
  • Scout gets a copy of the message if they have been invited to connect to their Scoutbook account (i.e. were assigned an email by the parent in Scoutbook) and have not opted-out of Scoutbook messages.

Am I misunderstanding the Extension functionality @GaryFeutz?

i am just starting to use this so if that is the case then it will be good as is, just didnt read it that way in the doc.


Any e-mail sent by Scoutbook to a Scout is automatically sent to the parent’s address as well.

that makes sense, thank you.

@ShemTaylor I can confirm that connected Scout Parents will get the payment balance message.

From the help document:


I see how this could be interpreted to think that the parent did not get a copy, so I have updated the help to this:


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