BALOO Training loop

Hello! I’m taking BALOO training and am in a loop in the “Planning Your Cub Scout Outdoor Event v2” module. It isn’t registering the Restrictions section as being completed even though I’ve watched it at least four times on different computer browsers so it isn’t a browser cache issue. After watching all the videos in Restrictions it dumps me back to the Camping section and never marks Restrictions complete.



Please open a ticket with the council on this and we will take a look at it - make sure they have your memberid so I can pull you up in the LMS.

@LaurieRitzko - I just took that section and I am marked as completed with the option to re-take. What browser are you using to take the course?

@Stephen_Hornak Thanks for taking time out to try! I attempted to complete it in Safari and in Chrome with the same result. Thanks @TimothyRogers, I’ll put in a ticket.

@LaurieRitzko - not certain that there is an issue with the module as i totally completed it, but a ticket does not hurt. And safari is not recommended for any training

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