BB Code in events

Any way we can get the ability to add bb code in event descriptions so we can put a pay pal link for event payments

Does a HTML coded link in the event text work?



I will just place the URL in the description box without the bbcode and most often the urll will be an active link on the email a user receives.

the problem with that is the user has to type it in a browser this is not good. we should have the ability to put links in that they can click

@MichaelBarhorst - Let me see if I can explain this better. If I create an event and place a url in the event description/invitation box when the email is received by me that url is an active clickable link.

If the email client does not render it clickable, they can copy/paste it into a browser.


Fortunately, most email programs are more modern than the Scoutbook calendar, and can properly parse hyperlinks.

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Thats why i requested that they add this feature to scout book i know so round about ways to get the info to the parents but i still would like to not use the round about ways

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