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Description: This topic is about communicating better when writing posts in the Scouting forum. What do you want added? (One simple sentence, please.)

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Where do I find the Scouting forums guidelines?

What does ‘OP’ mean?

“Original post”, Learn more in the

How can I make sure I am understood?

It is easy to be misunderstood when communicating on the Scouting forums. It takes two to communicate. One can be courteous and improve communications by:

  1. Writer: I write this
  2. Reader: I understand you mean this
  3. Writer: Yes that is what I meant / No, I meant.
  4. Reader responds:
    4a. Reader If yes: “Got it” (I understand now)
    4b. Reader: If no: I understand you mean

If no, repeat starting at 2.

How do I include another language or acronym when entering HTML blocks of text ?

  • Use double quotes around text. - Maybe,?
  • Use “translate=no” ). - Maybe,?

Entering American English with the other language in between double quotes appears to be the answer.

The Scouting forums computer program assumes you are using English (language code “en”) with the locale not defined, I believe the forum pages shoul be codec as using American English (language code “en-US”)

The “translate=no” option appears to be an old HTML draft recommendation.


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