Broken Link - JTE Tracking Workbook

On the dashboard “News” the link to the JTE Tracking Workbook is broken and instead takes me to a training course that is unrelated.

The 2021 Unit JTE Tracking Workbooks have been updated with the save date of 2021-09-07 in the file name and supersede all earlier versions. The can be found at: Tracking Workbooks

I was in the middle of reporting this, and I clicked the link, just for fun, and it took me to the Tracking Workbooks! Could you please check to see if this works for you. I am using an In Private browsing window on MS Edge.

The text of the link is:

https:// training.scouting .org/courses/SCO_1800

which doesn’t seem like it should resolve to the JTE tracking workbooks.

ETA: Auto-conversion of the link to text meant I had to insert some spaces to “break” it

@CharleyHamilton I do understand what the link text says, try clicking the link.

It delivers me to the DEI training, which is what that course number corresponds to.

That is strange as I have a completely different experience clicking the same link.

However, I will go ahead an complete my report to the BSA IT Staff.

This should be corrected now. I encourage you to clear your browser cache just to make sure you see the updated information.

Yup it’s working now, thanks!