Scout Training link not working?

It’s possible I missed a notice about this as I’ve been out of the loop for a few months, but when going to any of our scouts and choosing “Jack’s” Training it takes me to – to MY training page. I wish to see whether or not a scout has NYLT training showing and if not, to enter that date, but that is currently not an option. It used to be. I have full admin access to all scouts and have entered training for them previously. Tried yesterday and today, laptop and mobile, multiple scouts. (And yes, I was able to see that one scout was showing NYLT and another was not through their BSA History reports, but I’m not able to update as needed).

They have moved all training to the Training Manager at my.scouting.

As a Key 3 Delegate, you should be able to update the training for the Scouts in your troop. Using the Training Manager:

Add/Search → Add Training

However, NYLT is usually added by councils, so I would recommend checking with your council before adding it.

Thank you, I found it following your directions. I’m sure our Council is supposed to be updating that info and I’ll figure that out for the future, but so far I don’t believe they ever have. And this is a training from a couple of years ago (discovered when scout realized he was short one night of camping and it occurred during NYLT – neither was reported to me to input).

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