Broken link on Training for Adults Page

A Scouter reported a broken link on the Training for Adults | Boy Scouts of America web page. Where should this get reported?

Specifically, the Venturing Advisor Key Training Award links to the PDF for the Skipper’s Key.


Contact your council office on Tuesday and ask them to open a ticket.

Thanks, Ed. Unfortunately my DE says I’ve already exceeded my quota of tickets for the year. :smiley:

So both the Advisors Key and Skippers Key point to the Advisor’s Key URL, but it is the Skippers Key PDF. I wish you luck on your ticket. It’s been mismatched at least 2 months. Not a high priority fix it seems.

Maybe this will get fixed when they publish the JTE tracking sheets for Exploring, Sea Scouts, and Venturing. One can hope? - on the SS Page

and a google search finds this -

Do you know if this 2012 version is still current?

I would be surprised if the council staff approving it would even know

The first link Donovan posted as a 2019 date.

The 511-056_WB pdf was 2012 on the form, hence the question. Our crew committee chair had been looking for it for some time, so thank you Donovan for the link!