Having trouble adding advancements for Venturing participants in a Ship

I have a Skipper who is having trouble getting access to a Venturing Participant in his Ship. The scout has achieved requirements for his Able rank but the Skipper cannot get access to him and record them because he is registered as a Venturing participant.

@MichelleBaumann what is the scouts BSA Number

The Scout’s ID number is 126968185

Hmmmmm - I can make myself an admin to take a look - it is such a unique situation would be hard to reproduce on test server

@MichelleBaumann so they have no issue with James H? I see one difference between the 2 and set up a sync for overnight

I do not know if they have a issue with James H. but in looking in Scoutbook Bugs this has been a issue before. Thank you for your help.

Hopefully my sync will fix it but I am wondering if Scout Shows in IA?

Thanks, I will try again tomorrow to see if I can see him in scoutbook so I can add his advancement. - Neal (the Skipper) :slightly_smiling_face:

He is showing in IA.

You could try just adding the membership for the Scout also

You can only enter the date he completed the rank in IA. The skipper is wanting to be able to mark off the individual requirements for the rank which you can do in Scout book.

They should be able to add him as a scout if they do not want to wait

@DonovanMcNeil The “Is Adult” flag needs to be set to “No” in Scoutbook.

@JenniferOlinger I see that now - but it did not solve it

@NealSmith1 Neal, are you able to access this Sea Scout’s Able rank advancement page in Scoutbook now?

Sorry, not yet. I can still see James H but not Wilson.

@NealSmith1 Try approving your position as Unit Advancement Chair in Scoutbook.

I am able to access Wilson’s Able rank advancement page in Scoutbook without issues.

strange. I am showing I have Unit Advancement Chair in Scoutbook but still can’t see Wilson… can I share a screen shot with you? Not sure how public this is… maybe call me and we can do a zoom? My number is 503 730-6336.

Your Unit Advancement chair position is listed but it is showing as not being approved. I have gone into my.scouting.org and have accessed your unit roster and have made you the Unit Advancement chair for Ship 202. Check in Scout book in 24 hours to see if you have access to Brance’s record.

I was out yesterday afternoon and returned home today and still found the issue. Maybe I will try to call you tomorrow and share my screen to see if I am doing something wrong. Thanks for your help.