BSA Distinguished Conservation Award Merit Badge requirement error for Bronze and Silver

In putting together a spreadsheet of what merit badges apply to what awards I noticed that for the base level of the BSA Distinguished Conservation Award the Sustainability MB is predictably listed as a requirement, but for the Bronze and Silver levels of the award it is dropped and Public Health is added. As all the rest of the required and optional MBs are the same across all 3 awards, and Public Health is not listed at all on the award information, I belive it to be an error in Scoutbook.

@JasonCostarakis - this is all i found on that award…

Did not notice any other levels. Those in scoutbook note that they must be submitted on a dare in 2021

I do recall an internal discussion on this - but looking at the various sites, I do think SB has it wrong


Public Health was on the Hornaday awards?

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