Scoutbook - How to Track "Scouts BSA World Conservation Award"

Hello Folks, I am trying to track the scouts in our troop who have performed conservation hours and also completed their merit badges towards the “Scouts BSA World Conservation Award”. Does Scoutbook automatically track this when the scout has achieved it or does the troop need to review the MB completions along with the conservation hours.

For the manual review, the MB requirements are clear however how do you interpret the conservation hours involved?

The requirement “conservation need common to more than one country” is defined as required. I would assume that most conservation efforts are going to apply to more than one country, is there someplace where the conservation types are defined?

Requirements defined for the award is shared below.

Scouts BSA members can earn this award by earning the following merit badges:
______________ 1. Environmental Science OR Sustainability merit badge
______________ 2. Soil and Water Conservation OR Fish and Wildlife Management merit badge ______________ 3. Citizenship in the World merit badge

AND participate in a conservation project as part of an approved Scouting program totaling at least three hours that addresses a conservation need common to more than one country.

For the policy (i.e. how to interpret requirements) issue, you need to reach out to your council for advice. The BSA has specified that’s where they want scouters getting direction/interpretation on policy.

On the technical issue of how Scoutbook tracks the completions, I believe that the system is automatically crediting the MB completions, based on cross-checking several of my scouts. However, it does not automatically credit service hours from the activity logs, so that has to be manually approved by a unit scouter.

Scoutbook does not automatically credit service hours for several different reasons.

This particular award states:

“Requirements for this award must be completed in addition to any similar requirements completed for rank.”

Scoutbook has no way to know if the conservation service project hours are being credited towards a Scout’s rank, so it leaves it up to the Scoutmaster to make the determination.


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