Access to Venturing Scout's Distinguished Conservation Service Award Completed Requirements

I am the chair of the council conservation committee. Getting ready to hold a Distinguished Conservation Service Award Board of Review and I need to review a Venturing Participant’s completed Distinguished Conservation Service Award requirements on Scoutbook. Is there a way I can connect with this 20 year old Scout through Scoutbook?

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Yes, you can ask a leader in the Crew to connect you to the Venturing Participant in Scoutbook, so that you can see the Venturer’s completed requirements.


Semi related. Could you please direct me to the policy covering these boards?


BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award Program

How will the awards be processed?

The new BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Awards will be reviewed and awarded through the local council using a Board of Review format. Information on the awards is available on the BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Awards website. Applicants for the Bronze or Silver Honors will be processed through the National Conservation Committee’s Awards Committee.

And also:

BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Awards Program Requirements

This is a Venturer, so I would expect the Guide to Advancement to apply starting with this section: Venturing Boards of Review

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I know of the Guide to Advancement and it’s references to BOR. I don’t believe the G2A applies for a number of reasons, notably there’s specifics for different BORs, this is an award we’re talking about, not a part of advancement (even though advancement items are a part of it) and, it’s much more difficult to earn, fewer earned it’s predecessor than Eagle.

Plus, there’s no reference in the G2A that notes it’s applicable to this award.

There has to be written procedures, there’s got to be a method of redressing a grievance.

I guess the next step would be to ask your district / council: Questions and Suggestions

Thank you all for the help. Looks like the Crew has not set up their Scoutbook account yet. The Scout in question has a Scoutbook page from when he was in Scouts BSA. Have contacted their Unit Commissioner who has agreed to help them set up their account. Your references and citations have been of great help.

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Just have the venturer send you pictures of his requirements checklist.

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