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BSA Lifeguard and Sea Scout QM Req. 4

I’m Skipper of a Sea Scout Ship. One of our Ship’s Sea Scouts is working on his Quartermaster Rank and he recently completed the BSA Lifeguard course (for Quartermaster Req. 4), but I can’t seem to mark this as completed on Scoutbook.

When I try to mark BSA Lifeguard as completed under the “Awards” section, I get a pop-up notification that says “This award was retired on 1/1/2019 and must have been completed by 1/1/2020.”

When I try to mark Quartermaster Requirement 4 as completed under the “Advancement” section, it simply takes me back to the QM requirements page without marking Requirement 4 as completed.

Any suggestions?

@AndrewPaprocki Can you try again and let us know if you still get the error message?

Hi Jennifer. I tried again and I get the same thing. Error message when I try to mark BSA Lifeguard as completed and nothing happens when I try to mark Req. 4 as completed.

I logged in to Scoutbook again this morning and both BSA Lifeguard and QM Req 4 are now marked as “completed” for this Scout. Thanks for your help, Jennifer!

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