Two merit badges inadvertently marked as complete by BSA Administrator

I have two scouts that completed the Kayaking Award back in August of 2021. On December 14th, both scouts showed as earning the Kayaking Merit badge as “completed” and “approved” by BSA Administrator. I confirmed with those adults present they did not complete the merit badge.

Sounds like the paperwork was filled out wrong and council entered them. In Scoutbook you can just go in and unapprove and erase the date

Hmm. that’ strange since I used the Scoutbook generated Advancement report. I will clean it up.

@MichaelHeger - we have not turned in the advancement form in years… I just show it and pay fir what is reported. Well not since the sync was enabled.


That is a council by council decision. My council still requires the advancement report be turned in, they just don’t manually enter the data when they see the Scoutbook logo.

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Cannot get awards without the Advancement Report in my council - needs the wet signature, especially if there are ranks on it like this one had. The scoutbook produced form is super easy.

@edavignon - yes it is not universal. Thanks for the info

@MichaelHeger - I show the report and that is about it. But each council being their own entity they set their own policies.

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