Merit Badge completed in ScoutsBSA not being marked as completed in Sea Scouts

Previously, if a scout had earded Swimming or LIfesaving merit badges in a ScoutsBSA troop Scoutbook would automatically mark the related Sea Scout rank requirement completed as well. This no longer appears to be working and leaders are having to manually cross-check across the programs. Can that functionality be restored?

If I recall right when the rank changes came in for SS - it brought up internal discussions on it - cause with SB Auto completing it (for MBs maybe earned 4 years ago) - the Ship’s Unit Leader was losing their discretion to accept the work or not with out having seen it. There was no way to erase the auto approve. There are SSers on both sides of it, and SUAC has not seen a 100% Clear answer. does not define if work has to be while registered with a given unit or not which is the closest we could find.

I can see both sites of the arguement, especially when req 4 for Ordinary and Able call for the scout to pass all requirements for the swimming and lifesaving merit badges, not to earn the badge itself. Thanks for the quick reply!

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