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BSA Web Links - Training Validation tool not working

There is a widespread internet outage in the Dallas are that is impacting the National Office Data Center. Any functions hosted by the National Office will be unavailable until the interpret outage is fixed. There is no estimated up time.

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I’m on a Council shooting sports committee and have to do lookups prior to all events for all shooting sports personnel across the Council and validate merit badge counselor training status (YPT, MBC, certifications, and other training). If I can do that using either of those tools please let me know how to get it done. So far I’ve only had very limited access via the new status lookup tools, not nationwide. When instructors come in from outside our Council, they need to be verified as well.

Advancements.scouting.org is not usable for my purposes according to the message I got at logon. “Only Youth, Parents, Key 3, Key 3 delegate & Unit Advancement Chair roles have access to Internet Advancement.” So that’s out for me.

my.scouting.org limits me to seeing people in my unit, so no joy there either.

I’d LOVE to see a better way!

@StephenSuddeth - well as far as I am aware my.scouting.org is where district and council folk are supposed to be able to gather that information. I would suggest then that you work with your district/council to gain the rights you need in that area.

The internet outage in the Dallas area has been fixed.

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Has this function gone AWOL again? Only this time, it doesn’t even appear on the dropdown menu for me:

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my Scouting Tools Menu - Training

individual training tool

There is now a “Leader Training Completed” report mislabled as “member training report” for individuals to print out all of their training under Menu > My Training > My Completions.

Menu and training validation tool

I am not seeing the training validation tool in the basic member menu. They may be rebuilding the menu. I am seeing nothing under Resources in the menu.


  1. Training validation tool has been removed with the phase out of ScoutNet database without a replacement.
  2. The my training completion reports are expected to replace the validation tool.
  3. To improve online data security, access has been limited to key 3, training chair and training committee, and professional staff for the level of access.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Training Audits

The training manager tool may be option. But it is not a good tool for getting multiple council training information.

Tools and methods for off-line units and lone Scouts

Has anyone looked at this issue?


Also gone for me. ;-(

…is there a place to report outages?

Or…if this is a feature, not a bug, is there documentation on how to find especially the YPT status of e.g. merit badge counselors? Lots of merit badge deans need to know!

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@RonaldBlaisdell can you check on the status of the legacy training validation tool? Was this a ScoutNet tool? What is the plan to replace the functionality of it was.

The training validation was a scoutnet module

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It still works if you go there directly. (My Scouting)

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It was a part of ScoutNet which was sunset earlier this month.

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Training Validation is going away.

“Training Manager Quick Search” I believe is the replacement…

Menu>Unit>Training Manager>Quick Search

It gives the person’s entire training history.

To see “Training Manager” I believe you may have to be a key 3. It may limit you to those in your council.


Yes but what is the plan to replace the functionality. The reports available via Training Manager are not equivalent.

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There was no mention of a replacement in our meeting today. But I will ask my contacts on Monday.

Thank you, @scouter11 ! That works!

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Good for the short term @RichardMarubayashi , but don’t count on it lasting weeks, let alone months.


I wouldn’t count on it continuing to be updated, but it’s a source for now

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Now especially one would hope that authoritative validation of Youth Protection status would not be hindered. Limiting that functionality to the council key 3 for checking Merit Badge Counselor status is not particularly scalable…1100 counselors in my council, for example.

In principle, any MBC who appears in the list on Scoutbook (available to registered leaders) has current YPT (at least as of the date of the search). My understanding is that Scoutbook automatically drops anyone whose YPT expires (or whose registration as a MBC is dropped by the council) from the MBC list in Scoutbook. That doesn’t (exactly) solve the issue for MBCs who are out of council (or whose visibility is limited to a unit or district level), but it should alleviate the need for unit leaders to check YPT for counselors.

Managing things at the council/district level, though, is an entirely different story. I’m kinda surprised that the Training Validation Tool was the “best” route for that before. That seems even more inefficient than I generally expect from BSA software tools.

ETA: Cleaning up paragraphs and spelling.


Usually MBC status is usually managed by a district. A list, or using Scoutbook, is then a tool for the SM to use when a Scout choose to work on a MB. It seems to work as intended. What is the issue you are having?