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BSA Web Links - Training Validation tool not working

Yes, Rick, you are able to check those who are on officially on your roster. But you’re not able to check those who are not yet on your roster - those who might be transferring in, or who might have dual member ID numbers and their training is split over two account numbers, or those who want to return to the unit after a membership lapse, etc.


Training manager is coming up blank. I tried it 8-10 mins ago and it worked then I changed units and its blank. I went back to the original unit and now its blank. Here is the link it generates: https://my.scouting.org/mystrpt/webreport/output/?method=loadreportpage&reportcode=TrainedLeadersStatus2&OrganizationGUID=612D3A75-AF2B-46FB-A46C-C48D4F8A2B35&IsStaff=0&ParentOnlyFlag=0&TrainedState=0

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Try clearing your cache. Relog in. (you may have timed out).

If someone has multiple BSA Member IDs, they should use Manager Member ID in my.scouting.org to add all of their MIDs to the same account, marking the one they are registered with as primary. This allows all training to appear in the reports.

More than one BSA MemberID in the same council (ignoring national positions) is an error that is usually corrected by the current council registrar.

Multiple council registration ,e,g, local and overseas ,can happen,
However for the training manager tool selecting one primary BSA Member ID fixes the issue.

I believe the old training validation tool did not was not aware of the my.Scouting primary BSA member ID selection.

Rick, has the IT team come up with a rough estimate on when the validation tool might be fixed yet? My committee is validating training Council-wide from an ad hoc list of instructors and MBCs, and there doesn’t seem to be a good way for staff to get the right listing out of scoutnet.

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It was reported to be in QA today… So I would hope “soon.”


I have stopped publishing our district’s merit badge counselor list because I cannot verify the YPT status of counselors whose YPT is near expiration. Of all the things BSA IT provides, being able to confirm the YPT status of a random volunteer would be at the very top of the list, I would have guessed.

I am very surprised this bug was reported to QA only now, since it has been broken for several weeks. There appears to be little regression testing going on.

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David: 1) There are other tools to verify YPT. Try Training Manager. There is no reason to NOT publicize your MB counselor list. 2) If you look at the history on this thread you will see that this was first reported about a month ago, fixed and broke again (weeks ago). It has been being worked since that time to get it fixed. QA is the testing phase that is the next to final step before release to Production.

Unless full regression testing is done - which is extremely rare - bugs happen. Even the premier s/w developers like MicroSoft and Apple make releases that have occasionally unanticipated behaviors. As the old Project Management joke goes “There are three things we manage: cost, schedule and quality; pick two.”

You could always ask the MBC for a copy of their certificate. They get it emailed to them when the training is complete.

The PM just advised me that Training Validation has been fixed and just been released to production. I tested it and it worked for me…!!


I just tested it too and it worked for me.


Many thanks to the programmers, SUAC volunteers, and the leaders here offering solace, advice, counseling patience and sharing Scout Spirit!