Bug? Dates for activity are restricted

Attempting to create a hike, and the end date forces me to select the following day, resulting in a 25 hour hike; it was only one hour. When I try to manually key the date to the 7th, the field corrects again to the 8th.

What time zone are you in?

@MarkHughes I have created many Hikes with same start/end date

Eastern. First time using this entry method, it just won’t let me select the same date for ending, it’s just greyed out.

@MarkHughes - I am eastern as well and have had no issue entering same day hikes. Try checking the All Day event box.

I’ll take another look, but all day event wasn’t selected. This is also on iOS platform.

The platform should not be an issue. The all day event will avoid the error or issue with having to post the end day past the start date.

Is the end time earlier in the day than the start time? I know Google Calendar will force the end date to the next day if the end time is earlier.

it seems to be failing if the ALL DAY is not selected - we will report this

Thank you guys, I know it can’t be easy.

@MarkHughes the screenshot does not look like iOS - is it iPadOS? what is running?

Correct, running on iPadOS; didn’t realize it was different from iOS.