Bug Internet Advancement calendar allows user to create event with same start and end date

Internet Advancement calendar allows a user to create an event with the same start and and end date. This causes confusion for the user because the event can be saved successfully but when the event is edited an error is produced “Error Start date must be before end date.”.

Steps to reproduce:
Click on a day of the month to open the actions dialogue
Click Event to create a new event
Enter an Event Name “test”
Select Event Type “Campout”
Note, the event will be created on the selected day with a start and end time of “12:05 am”
Click “Create Event”
The event is saved successfully
Change the Event Name to “test2”
Click “Save Event”
An error is produced, “Error Start date must be before end date.”.

Possible solutions:

  • Do not allow the user to save a newly created event unless the start and end date time has been changed
  • Change the default start and end time for new events so that start date comes before end date.


This is a known issue and in the developer’s backlog to fix.

The workaround is to set the end time 5 minutes (or more) later than the start time when the event starts and ends on the same day.

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