Bulk calendar import

When will bulk calendar importing be available. My group is currently planning their next years worth of activities and do not want to waste time entering one by one.

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The Feature Assistant extension has a basic bulk import capability from a csv file

Is that still an option with the switchover to the Internet Advancement calendar?

yes I think it is on My Dashboard of Scoutbook

Yes, it is still an option.

Following this chat since I’m trying to bulk add all of my next year meetings. I see some issues:

  1. None of my unit members get invites. I had to go into each event and invite members.
  2. Reminders were not set. “Disable Reminders for this event” was always checked.

I didn’t notice any other issues, but the ones above stopped me from adding more than a month’s worth of meetings. Am I missing a new format for the import, or are these known issues? Any expectation on these being patched?


I am curious how you got this to work, I log into the original ScoutBook and I do not see the import option. when I click the calendar it takes me to internet advancement calendar instead.

I am cubmaster so should have proper permissions to create calendar events.

@AaronJestrab - do you have the feature assistant installed?

I do indeed sir, I even reinstalled it last night. I used a ton last year before lots of changes started to be made.

@AaronJestrab - here is what I see when I use chrome:

And this is firefox without the add-in

The menu is on the Dashboard

It is u see my dashboard in Scoutbook.