Can't Upload Calendar- Can create individual events- HELP?

I am trying to upload our new calendar events after annual planning. I have done it in the past. I know that things have changed with internet advancement but I still see in scout book that I have the option to import. I do have access two internet advancement, I am a troop admin, I am the Scoutmaster, I can create individual events in internet advancement.

All that being said, I am getting the following error when I try to upload: “error, you do not have permissions to add calendar entries for skipping this multiple calendar.” I have absolutely no idea what this means. I’m using the same template I’ve used in the past. I’m only adding to the troop calendar not any of the patrol calendars. What am I doing wrong?


I found an issue with the code and am working on a fix. The code that imports to Internet Advancement calendar is different than before; that is is why you are seeing the issue now.

I REALLY appreciate it. The upload keeps me sane. I lost my leader who updated the calendar so it’s just me now.

Thank you for doing this!!

A new version has just been published that fixes this.

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