Importing Outlook Calendar to Scoutbook

We created a Troop Annual calendar and hope to import it into Scoutbook, rather than hand-jam each event. I do have the add-on for re-occuring events, but a direct import would be great.

Can I do this and how?
much thanks

Import to the calendar is only available via the Feature Assistant Extension using its csv format. See 8m. Calendar Event CSV Import Extension for Scoutbook.pdf - Google Drive for the csv format and instructions to import.

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Thanks. working thru it. Appreciate teh quick turn on into

We do this in our PLC’s annual planning meeting – The Scouts have a calendar up on the projector, and they update it with their “ideal plan”, then as the meeting scribe, I put their “ideal” calendar in the CSV file and upload it to Scoutbook at the end of the planning meeting.

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