Bulk upload of events doesn't add attendees and reminders

I just uploaded events via CSV but no attendees were added. I had Leaders, Parents, Scouts set to ‘on’ in the upload. It also didn’t set a reminder I had in the upload (reminders = ‘3d’). A similar upload worked last year so I think my format is okay. Event was 5823437 if it helps.

Next issue: I went to bulk “Add New Invitees to Events” and the ‘select all’ was no longer available. I would have had to individually click on all of my scouts and parents.

P.S. I love this upload CSV event and bulk add new attendees feature for calendar and would probably consider not being a leader if I had to manage all my events individually. Please tell Scoutbook developers they are making things harder for us. They should be including more of these features in Scoutbook Plus, not breaking them. This is going to make the new year impossible when we roll out the new calendar and add our new recruits.

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