Calendar feature: add invitees MISSING!

One of the great features of the extension was the button to add invitees to existing events. We are a very busy troop and have approximately 100 activities on our calendar. We’ve had a couple of new Scouts and parents join, and the button to “add all” has disappeared. In the old days, several years ago, I would have to open every single event, click edit, then scroll to add new invitees to each event separately. This takes over 2 hours. Please bring back the “add all” calendar button ASAP! It is crossover season and we need this. Thank you!

I still see the select all option. You need to click edit event > invitees to see it in native Scoutbook.

If you don’t see if there, do you have the feature assistant extension enabled? Try disabling it or running scoutbook in an incognito mode.

There was an issue with the latest version of the extension. Please try again as the developer has fixed the problem and released a new version.

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