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Calendar and email = what UNIT is it?

I was told that scout book fixed google calendar entries and scout book emails a week or two ago to make it MUCH clearer which unit the calendar entry or email was from.

However - I am still seeing scoutbook emails today that have zero mention of the unit it is from and my calendar today has 2 identical ‘troop meetings’ in it.

PLEASE fix this - its causing so much confusion for people dealing with multiple units. If you want to tell me its fixed, please let me know why I am seeing no change at all?

Thank you.


We need more information. Please send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with your council, unit types and numbers, and details on the affected events (calendars, names, etc.). Post the SSD number here after you receive it in one of the automated e-mails.

email sent

The feature that was fixed was event reminder emails from Scoutbook. Nothing was added to Messages or the ics feeds into other calendars.

even looking at the calendar in scoutbook itself. I have three different ‘committee meetings’ and no easy indication which each one unit its from. scoutbook needs to differentiate when it creates the records - then no matter where its shown (in scoutbook, ics file to google or email reminder - the unit will be clear.

When I view my calendar in scoutbook I have this listed under it:


Not sure I am following the issue you are pointing out.

I’m seeing the same thing. All the events are prefaced with “Troop 104 B” (and the patrol, if applicable), even though that’s not in the event name.

mine does not show that.
If I go to my scoutbook and look up events mine says right now:
Feb campout meal planning
den meeting
troop meeting
red and green banquet
full troop meeting
committee meeting
etc. there are 3 units events intermingled here. I can guess then den is the pack and I know anecdotally the red and green is a specific troop as the other troop doesn’t do these- but the other events are guessing.

Are you looking at it under My Dashboard? If you click upcoming events, it’ll take you to a version more similar to what others are showing.

I agree this could be improved, but in the meantime, it’s a pretty easy workaround.

but that doesn’t help with the emails. In fact it makes it worse if the person setting the event thinks its all labelled but when the actual emails come they are still unitless.

I am getting to the point where I am going to ignore reminders. they are useless to me with all the bazillion activities I have to manage if I cant figure out quickly what it relates to. We are volunteers - if its too hard we wont be volunteers much longer. or I have to force my kid to move to a unit that doesn’t use scout book just so I can keep their activities clear and get them to the places they are supposed to be,

I cannot tell you how frustrating this situation is to me, and how it feels like you are telling me to suck it up as why should scoutbook care that its sending out utterly unhelpful or confusing messages and leaving the parent to scrabble.

@ElaineBoden - here is what my reminder email stated for a recent event:

Calendar: Pack 33, Troop 33 B
Event: Scout Sunday
Where: West Trenton Presbyterian Church
When: Feb 9, 2020 10am-11:30am (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time

Could you perhaps post screen shots of what you see.

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Are you referring to the subject line of the e-mail? The developers are looking into your issue and cannot duplicate it.

They would like you to provide a sample e-mail.

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