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Email subject lines from ScoutBook

For parents or leaders that are associated with multiple units, its hard to guess which reminder emails are from which units calendar. It would be nice to configure it so the calendar unit is in the subject or maybe the “from”. Right now they all just come from


Great idea, This will definitely be helpful for people with Scouts in multiple units. :slight_smile:

Hi, @DavidCutler,

I think this has been requested recently in another thread as well. I don’t recall what the response was (in terms of whether or not it was already in the queue), but one workaround I have considered using is to include [Troop ###] in the subject line so folks can filter based on that. It’s a manual work-around and requires everyone to do it. It also doesn’t work (IIRC) easily for event reminders, unless you embed it in the event title.

It is also possible (at least in gmail) to create a filter based on the Reply-to field, so if your unit only has a small number of people who are creating emails/calendar events, you can use that as a filtering algorithm. That minimizes the need for people creating events to add the unit flag to the email headers.

That’s what I started doing on the Troop Events - Start the Event description with T123. I knew it was an issue when I was added to a Pack as a committee member and started seeing events I hadn’t set up (who the heck did that!) before I realized it was coming from the Pack Calendar. I then started thinking about folks who are involved in a Pack, a Troop and maybe a Venture crew. It must be maddening when the event lines all start with Committee Meeting or just Meeting…

Try subscribing to 10 dens - IF the line starts with Den xx, then I know who it is. If not, I have to open the RSVP link to see who it is.

thats a great idea, thank you.