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Add UNIT to scoutbook emails and calendar entries for clarity

My kids are in three different scout units. I get scoutbook emails from all three units . sometimes its easy to tell which unit because it says Den/Pack and I only have one in the cub level. Other times it says ‘campout’ and i have no idea which pack or various troops it is. Please append the unit name on the email somehow (either to the from email address or at the start of the subject) so its clear to everyone instantly as they read it and less confusion can occur…

In the same way - put the unit name on every calenday event too (even abbreviated p123, t123g C123 etc) ,. I KNOW the calendars are color colded - BUT I have 3 kids and my calendar has about 15 other google calendars attached and i cant keep the color coding straight. PLUS the context makes it easy to tell the other groups apart. BUT the scout ones are often similar and hard to guess unless i go into each event one by one and work it out (but the next day i have to do it again as i still cant tell apart Caving campout or caving campout from which troup?

Help busy parents and leaders out by making it completely clear that a calendar event or email belongs to a specific unit.

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I was just looking through the pile of scoutbook reminders in my email box. some of them do not mention the UNIT in any way and therefore unless the event is unique enough - there is no way to determine which unit it is. Scout Sunday or Committee meeting or campout, or scouting for food or COH etc are often held very similar days and times so its hard to distinguish between units.

This was released last week and now functions that way


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