Calendar/event RSVP troubleshooting

Hi all,

I am trying to troubleshoot my ability to RSVP and view details for events in the Scoutbook calendar (I am using the desktop webpage if it makes any difference). Currently I can view the details/RSVP list for all of my den’s (pack 1139 tiger den 2) events. I am able to RSVP for my son, but don’t see myself listed (and can’t RSVP as my wife). I assume I just have not been added to these events yet but can see them because my son is on the RSVP list. Separately, I cannot view the pack’s upcoming campout (Oct 15-16) at all as any attempts to click the event for details/RSVP redirects me back to my account dashboard. I assume this behavior likely indicates that neither I nor my son are in the RSVP list for that event currently. I CAN view details/RSVP for all of our pack meetings, and I see myself in the RSVP list there, so I assume of all these events, that is the only one (series) that currently has me added correctly. I’m looking to verify these observations so I can report back accurately to my den leader as I don’t want to throw more troubleshooting work on her plate than is necessary.

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