Calendar Events - Add "Other" catagory

There are events that need to be included on the unit calendars that do not fall under any of the categories listed, such as merit badge clinics, and Scouting events such as Scout Scarf Day. Adding an “Other” to the Event Type list would allow us to better classify those items in the calendar.


@CharlesOlson there is “Other”

We need other categories besides the ones you have, like:
Service Project
Family Activity
COR Activity
Scout Sunday/Sabbath
Council Activity

The current list was tailored to the needs of the original programmer and his unit; it needs to be expanded to include the kind of stuff the rest of us do.

That is correct if your event only applies to one unit. If you are posting to more than one unit, “Other” is not available. I may have not been clear about that in my original post.

I also agree with Kenneth Tillman that there need to be other categories, especially Service Project and PLC (both of which are tracked for JTE).

My unit does not use either the calendar or the messaging part of Scoutbook as primary because they lack the flexibility we need when communicating with both our Scouts and parents.


OK that is interesting - I am guessing you are trying a Troop and Pack?

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