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Additional calendars

We would like to be able to have additional calendars (not tied to pack or den). Example of use is to have District or school Calendar to post events that are not unit run event but are available for scouts

We have a dummy patrol that we use for exactly this purpose. The Rocking Chair Patrol has all the holidays, birthdays, school events, and District/Council events. Nobody subscribes to it, but it’s available for the PLC when they do their planning sessions. Before we started doing this, it seemed like we had some unexpected schedule conflict just about every month.


Yeah that is my workaround just trying to clean things up

I just put the district and council events in our main calendar and append (optional district event) for example. I want the Scouts and adults to know about them and not have to follow the council or district calendars. Adult training/events such as round table I put in (adult training event).

What is the advantage of the “shadow” patrol? Is it the fact you can turn them off?

They show up for planning, but they don’t clutter up the main calendar.

Most of the entries are school events and birthdays. They don’t need to be visible to everyone on the main calendar, but the PLC and the committee need to know things like “no school this week” when they’re doing the planning for the year.

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Our troop committee secretary will
Sometimes add council or OA events to the troop calendar with no invitees. It’s another option.

We experimented with both ways. Putting events in the main calendar created lots of confusion, mainly because lots of people don’t bother to actually read everything… We had parents complaining that they didn’t understand an event titled “COMMITTEE MEETING-ADULTS ONLY” is for the adults only. We even had a parent drop their Scout off and leave them there…

The other part of the issue is that the current calendar module isn’t smart – subscribing to a troop or patrol calendar pulls ALL the events in the calendar, regardless of invitees.


I guess we should try to be more obvious as people might not make it to the last word of the title :rofl:


You ought to combine “Reptiles Encountered” and “Cast Iron Chef” and see if anyone asks about that…

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or Reptile Encounter and First Responder

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