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Calendar print Needed NOW!

Crazy people, we need to be able to print calendars. Not everyone used their cellphones to do everything, including pick their noses. The only reason I am putting this here is that your silly support department told me this is the only way I can complain about this obvious design shortcoming.


This is in the backlog. We do not know if or when the BSA will add this capability.

The current workaround is to use the Export feature of the calendar to export the Scoutbook calendar to another system such as Google Calendar then print from there. Be aware that Google Calendar only updates calendars once every 24 hours so changes made in Scoutbook may not be reflected immediately.

Hi @TerryThrasher. Don’t forget “A Scout is friendly”…

Connect the Scoutbook calendar to whichever online calendar you prefer to use, then print the calendar from there.

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@SteveCagigas listen to your own advise please

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You’re correct. That was a little more passive aggressive than I intended.

@TerryThrasher my apologies!

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Another option is to use Scoutbook’s Send Message feature and select the “Insert Upcoming Events” button.

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I have a “special” format calendar set up in Outlook. I like it with the iCal or ics or what ever link you can make. In my Outook, changes are reflected within a handful of minutes or less.

The format allows us to show 28 months of troop meetings, campouts, committee meetings, holidays, round tables, etc on 4 pages (2 back to back when printed). It is pretty nice. And easy to update at any time. I do put a note at the top to check Scoutbook for up to the minute accuracy.

Also, check out the cool calendar feed on our troop website that comes automatically from Scoutbook. Troop1401.org/calendar.

The live feed is pretty cool. How did you mechanize that? We have something similar via Google calendar, but it suffers from the dreaded "Google delay"TM.

Here is the thing folks, I don’t use electronic calendars. I don’t use a smart phone. In fact, I hate smart phones. I just want a simple way to print this off so that we can look at during meetings. I know how to get around the limitation, I use google calendar. But the only thing I use google for is to download and print the scoutbook calendar. It seems absurd that this software was initially developed without the capability to print a calendar. Duh!

Waiting for this obvious deficiency to be corrected is killing.


@TerryThrasher - well when I was a scout we used stone tablets…really hard to carry around but it worked back then :slight_smile:

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You got stone tables! We had to make our own stone by sitting on mud pies.


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GoDaddy hosted sites have a feature you can add to any page to subscribe to a web calendar. It was very easy.

It is too bad they haven’t implemented this basic feature yet, but it is in the backlog. The work around suggested is the best we the forum people can offer at his time. :frowning:

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