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Just going through my calendar in Scoutbook and I was wondering if there was a way to email a copy of the calendar to Parents and Committee Members. This would simplify the work for keeping Scout parents and Committee Members informed of Troop goings on. Thanks Shawn

There are a couple of options. One is to use the “Insert Upcoming Activities” button at the bottom of the messaging interface.

Another is to suggest that they subscribe to the calendar in their preferred calendar app. There is a subscription link for each calendar when you go to My Dashboard → Events → Upcoming Events. Click on the red “Subscribe” next to the relevant calendar, then use the ICS link in our preferred calendar program.

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Charley, Thank You, but I have some older Committee Members who are not very computer literate. How can I make it accessible for them. can I print out my calendar some how?

Hrm…You could, for example, import the calendar to Outlook or or Google calendar, then print the month out as a PDF. Then you could print physical copies if that works better for your purpose.

Just now looking into that very option. We have Troop and Scout mail boxes. I could print off and stick one in there for them

That is what we do. I subscribe to the calendar in outlook and then massage it until I get what I like. I can save a lot of the preferences and then print to PDF. See the attached. It would be great (and it it really is an expected feature) it Scoutbook had an output like the attached. It really is unacceptable that I have to jump through hoops to get this.

Troop 1401 Calendar.pdf (347.5 KB)

@ShawnVarner - My goal is to have my pack’s calendar be the one on the refrigerator door. That means one month per page and big boxes, so they can write in their dentist appointments.

I push the Scoutbook calendar out to Google calendar, which will let me print each month on a page. But, when it prints, Google calendar will truncate descriptions, and that just doesn’t work for some events.

So, I go to and connect it to my Google calendar. It can produce a calendar for me in RTF or PDF. I didn’t like the look ot the PDF, so I used the RTF, because it was editable, and then made my own PDF. I can email that or print it and distribute it. I do both.

The calendar I produced is attached.Pack 61 Calendar 2020-2021 rev 2020-08-31.pdf (250.1 KB)

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Nice! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks, @Matt.Johnson.

I really do wish that Scoutbook would allow an export to an RTF that can be edited or to a PDF and eliminate all the intermediate steps I have to take this year and last to get this accomplished. This type of refrigerator calendar put the pack in front of its families every day, and many people find it conventient to have a PDF available to look things up quickly rather than go online, even though it is static.

Truth be told: Were I just a dad and not the Cubmaster and presented with a printed calendar and a calendar on PDF, i would not take a copy of the paper one, and I would save the PDF somewhere easily accessible on my laptop, but I recognize not everyone is like me. For some families, the refrigerator is the Bible of Scheduling. I want them to turn to the Book of Pack 61.

For anyone who wants to duplicate what I did and follow the steps I described above, beware. PrintMyCal showed all the times of events on my calendar as UTC rather than my local time zone. This was the biggest reason I had to create an RTF and edit it rather than a PDF. Since I’m in the Eastern Time Zone, it showed a starting time that was four hours later than the correct one during Daylight Savings Time. Events that occur during Eastern Standard time were shown by PrintMyCal with starting time five hours later. This meant events on Monday at 7 pm showed as starting on Tuesday at midnight. So sometimes editing included moving the entire event to the previous day.

The same thing happened last year, and I wasn’t able to discern why. Editing thw FTF is easier than tracking down the solution.

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