Calendar reminder/alarm (not email)

Is there a way to set an event reminder? I see there are emails but I am not looking for that. I am simply looking for the “15 minute” or “1 hour” or whatever popup reminder for an event. My iPhone default is “time of event” (which is configurable) and my Outlook’s default for Reminders is “none.” Could be handy for meetings.

Looks like it would be VALARM: icalendar - ics with alert? - Stack Overflow


There is no such capability at this time.

We could probably argue over whether that’s even a desirable feature. Some people may not want alarms at the time that the leader who set up the event does.

Yes it’s a double edged sword. I almost didn’t ask. Could be useful in certain cases. Would be annoying if one adds all committee meetings or council events, etc. with alarms, so shouldn’t be a default.

Flipped around, if an iPhone is set to have a default alert then all events use that alert setting. So “none” could also be useful for such events and should maybe be the default.

Just realized that “remove alerts” is the default when I add a feed to iOS. :-/

So in my case the alert is off on the feed and on per my phone default. :thinking:

I think you are saying that changing a setting on your phone fixes the issue for you. Is that right?

So my goal/thought was actually to add the alert, for certain cases. Such as a monthly pack meeting, vs a campout. I didn’t have a problem. I could see why some wouldn’t want it though. Our troop met weekly so a reminder is not necessary.

On iOS though it seems like the alert would be stripped out anyway, by default. I don’t know about other platforms.

I get alerts in iOS based on my default settings for all events.

Correct. iOS by default ignores alerts in the ical, unless you turn that off in the feed/account settings. iOS has a default alert time for calendar alerts that it applies to the iCal feed.

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