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Too Many Calendar Notifications - Unsubscribe?

Our unit uses Scoutlander for event notification/invitations due to Scoutbook’s current event limits (i.e., inability to attach images/PDFs/docs & no cumulative list of attendees by adult, scout, sibling).

We want parents tracking advancement in Scoutbook to be able to view the unit events (and details) in Scoutbook, but not to receive notification emails from Scoutbook.

We do like tracking attendance in Scoutbook events, after an event and want to keep that.

What is the best way to remove Scoutbook event notifications until we are ready to transition fully to Scoutbook events/calendar usage? We do not want parents to “unsubscribe” from emails, as we send out advancement information & other unit communication through Scoutbook.

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Do not set a reminder for the event and there is no notification


When we select a calendar, i.e., a Den # calendar, it has a pre-set list of invitees. If I understand correctly, they will receive only the initial “new event creation” notification and then no further emails, as long as we do not add a notification under “Manage Notifications”?

I don’t believe they even receive a new event created notification if no reminders are set


Brilliant. Thank you as always, @DonovanMcNeil. :slightly_smiling_face: We will inform our admin to never set notifications.

@DonovanMcNeil, as a follow-up, if any members subscribe to a calendar, do they receive notifications by default (whether or not they are listed as invitees and whether or not “notifications” are enabled)?

I think there may have been some confusion on my initial questions, using internal communications within our pack.

Event reminders have to be manually set within each event when it is created, none are automatically set even on initial event creation no matter the invitees. The same will go for removing them, each reminder will have to manually removed from each event. (thanks Darcy, it appears reminders have been removed now)

If you are subscribed to a particular calendar it will be imported to your personal calendar. I use this with my google calendar, it works great to check my schedule without having to go to multiple places. Any reminders received in your personal calendar will be based on your settings there, and no settings in Scoutbook will change it.

However maybe one of my questions can be answered here.
There are events that I didn’t create on my dens calendar, however I can not edit them in any way even though I am the assigned den leader and den admin. I can not even attach them to any messages. I tried this yesterday and got the whoops something went wrong error screen and lost the message body I had painfully typed out on my phone.

Anyways the question is shouldn’t I be able to edit events on my den calendar if I am the den admin, even if I didn’t create them?


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Do these events have an adventure name in the event name?

These events are not adventure related.
I did try the Scoutbook - Den Leader (BETA), and found it to be too beta for me. I was at the time able to log into Scoutbook and remove all the calendar events it created though.

As far as the editing, if the person who created the calendar event selected more than one calendar, only someone with edit capabilities to all the calendars originally selected can edit the entry.

Thanks, this means only someone with Unit Admin privileges can edit it. They would be the only ones who can select more than 1 calendar when creating an event if I’m understanding correctly anyways.

Actually it could involve multiple units if the creator had rights to those units.

Let’s hope it’s just multiple dens. That’s a little easier to find someone with access.

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You can always not use the Scoutbook calendar until you’re ready to make the jump from Scoutlander entirely…

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