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Calendar Request

I am requesting that the unit be given a calendar, and all of the sub-units (i.e. Dens/Patrols) be tagged on the calendar events vice given their own calendars.

Here is the issue/logic for this. Right now, we have a Pack calendar and 11 Den calendars. Not only is it difficult to ensure that all activities are entered correctly, but the bigger issue is for parents. A parent has 3 children in the Pack of different ages. They need to review four calendars (1 Pack, 3 Dens). If the parent decides to use the RSS feed, they now have 4 additional calendars posted on their device. As a leader, I am trying to maintain awareness of all the unit activities, so I now have 12 RSS feeds and 12 additional calendars displaying on my phone.

However, if we had a single calendar with categories or tags on them, we could potentially select which tags we want to have synced, or use filters to limit what is viewed.

I am not looking forward to having involvement with more than one unit, because I can’t imagine how many calendars I may need to manage.


This is a good suggestion. It’s even worse when you are a leader in multiple units/packs.

I’d also like to see a minor change to how event times are scheduled. Currently, when setting a time you scroll through the times: 7, 8, 9, 10, all the way to 11. Yeah 11, not 12. You have to scroll all the way back up, because in Scoutbook land apparently you start counting with 12 then go to 1, 2, 3.

This isn’t a big deal, but it’s a logical failure that is part of the overall lack of user-friendliness on Scoutbook’s part.


So is the proposal for a singular subscribe link, but online settings that control the feed contents (unit/subunit)?

Ideally it would be available in the MyScouting app also.

@DavidO, Not only would I like a singular subscribe link, but a single calendar as well. When I go into my Dashboard, I have the same event appearing multiple times on “Upcoming Events” because it appears in multiple calendars.

We should have a Pack calendar which contains all of the unit’s activities to include all Den activities. The Den activities can be filtered out if need be. However, as was pointed out, in my one unit, I have a good number of calendars populating my feeds.

In regards to the MyScouting calendar, ideally there would only be one calendar system (either Scoutbook or MyScouting).

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Does anyone actually use the calendar in myscouting? It seems kind of useless and redundant to the one in Scoutbook. These features need to be easy to use and convenient otherwise what’s the point? There are so many other Calendar Apps that are easier to use.