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Council Admin add events

It would be nice if professional staff could add events to Scoutbook, and then it would feed into unit calendars. Units could also theoretically then be able to “accept” or “decline” district and council events to make them appear on their calendars, complete with a registration link.

In a perfect world, DEs and DDs could do it so they can control district events, but a good start for now would be to give it to the council admin.


This would be very helpful, since our families are finally starting to get familiar with SB. I would also like to see a lot of other Council and District views- especially in the reports. It’s great that we see can individual unit advancement and activity reports now, but if we could see this combined in a report that put all the units in one form, that would be great.

It would be great if Council could publish a schedule that looks out longer than a month, too…

And I’m not just talking about during the coronapocalypse. Since I’ve been with our current unit – going on 12 years now, 2019/2020 was the first time they published a complete planning calendar for the units to use. Prior to that, there were continual schedule conflicts because the DEs and Commissioners didn’t talk to the OA advisors or unit leadership, and dropped major schedule changes at every Roundtable…

I believe with the new Calendar there will be Council Calendars - not sure on District


Sadly schedule coordination as an issues seems to be like “communication”. We can all seem to do a better job of it than we’re currently doing. It would be great to see better integration in Scoutbook, but I’d be surprised if we could get enough councils/districts to buy in to hit critical mass. But I’d love to see it!


@DonovanMcNeil, looking forward to this update. If you need any Council admin testers, I’m all in. We want to try and use the Council calendar feature to push to all our ScoutBook users.

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