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Unfortunately I posted on this previously, but then tried to go back in and respond 3 hours (ugh) after the 7 day window had closed. Apologies. The answer to Jacob Fetzer’s inquiry is: Extensions are definitely what is causing the issue I am experiencing. When entering data just a few minutes ago I tried first with Extensions on (still had the issue) and then with Extensions off (the issue went away). It is true that in the last few months I was on a new computer and had accidentally not installed Extensions and so had not noticed when the problem started, although definitely within the past year I was working on a computer that DID have the Extensions installed and definitely don’t remember this problem, as it would have driven me up a wall.

The issue as previously posted:
If I’m in an Event in the Calendar (i.e. I want to see who attended an event and don’t want to run a report) and click on the red “arrow” at the top of the screen to go back, I’m taken to the main screen of SB (options for My Dashboard, my.Scouting Home Page, etc). I then have to go back to the Dashboard and My Calendar to get back to the Calendar view. This is new as of at least a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I was doing this incorrectly before and this is how it is supposed to work? I really struggle with the arrows in the Calendar and getting back to where I want to (now that I think about it I feel like maybe there’s a back arrow missing that I used to use more often, but it never took me in the Calendar where I wanted to go; this takes me even LESS of where I want to go as it takes me out of the Calendar entirely).

Also, anytime I click on ANYTHING in the Calendar it comes up, does a quick blanking of the screen, then comes up again. Also new. It slows down my data entry (you’d think not but it really does).

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This has been crazy. We have been loading in and editing about a year out. Ugh!



What part is driving you crazy?

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Do you get the same behavior both with and without the feature assistant extension running?

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